Dance Psychology for Artistic and Performance Excellence
Learn the secrets to a successful dance career, enjoyment and flow!
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Inside this book you'll learn about
How to Enhance Your Overall Dance Performance

Understand how to use the mental aspects of dance to your advantage.

Learn simple techniques to raise your dancing to a new level.

Learn how to refine your technique and overcome performance challenges.

Develop your own individualized mental training program. 
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Dance Psychology for Artistic and Performance Excellence helps dancers develop psychological strength to maximize their performance. It covers all mental aspects of dance performance and offers practical exercises that will make dancer's minds their most powerful tools. 
Content Headline
This comprehensive book will provide you all the tools you will need to enhance your knowledge, mental toughness and raise your mental game to the next level. Here is how the book is divided: 
  • Part I: Building a Foundation for Mental Skills
  • Part II: Create Your Own Prime Dance Pyramid- learn how the skills stack up to help you each step of the way. 
  • Part II: Prime Dance Tools- Practical Strategies to enhance performance in a consistent manner. 
  • Part IV: Explore Special Health and Psychological Concerns Dancers face and useful prevention methods. 
Dr. Taylor is a long-time sport psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant who has worked with dancers for the past 3 decades. He is the co-author of the predecessor of this book "Psychology of Dance" and has consulted with dance schools and companies. 

Jim Taylor Ph.D. 
I spent the first 20 years of my career as a professional dancer, ballet teacher and choreographer. I am a peak performance psychologist and help dancers, athletes, and performers have long, healthy and vibrant careers! I often consult with dance schools, dance companies and individual dancers.
Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A.
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