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Unleash YOUR Authentic Confidence
Embracing YOUR Brilliance

 Enhance your Personal Power, Influence, Impact & Income!

Are YOU Ready to Embrace Your Unique Superpower?

If you are like me and most of the entrepreneurs I work with, you have a huge desire to share your message, and make a big impact in the world. BUT, you may be struggling with what I call, "The Ugly Duckling Syndrome"...

Other people see you as a majestic being, beautifully and smoothly sailing through life.  

Yet underneath you feel like you are paddling like mad not to sink! Others may see you as highly accomplished, organized, capable, successful and good-looking and may even be in awe of you.  

Yet, inside you feel like an "Ugly Duckling" struggling to fit in, and find their place in the world.  

Your instinct is to immediately notice what you have yet to accomplish, rather than what you have already achieved. 

In fact you may completely disregard your accomplishments altogether.  

You are critical of yourself, focus on your mistakes and hold incredibly high standards for yourself to do better.  

You secretly compare yourself to others you perceive to be more successful than you and think: "they are so organized, motivated, courageous, action-takers"... Whatever it may be.  In fact a common rhetoric running through your mind is: "If ONLY I would ......then I could...." 

In essence, you believe YOU NEED TO BE DIFFERENT than who you really are in order to achieve the success, income and impact that you desire.  

You've spent thousands of dollars on "how to" courses yet you haven’t yet achieved the results you desire, and you keep wondering “what else is there” for you to learn? 

You have great knowledge, and a strong desire to make a significant impact in the world, yet you keep pulling yourself back and selling yourself short, every time. 

You believe that being critical will somehow lend you the oomph to take the action you need to take and give you the courage to boldly step into your power… 

Yet it hasn’t worked that way and you are still sitting on the sidelines, waiting for your turn…wondering how you need to be different, what you need to change so you can achieve the success you desire.   

You wonder why is it that you can’t seem to break into that next level of success, influence & income that you so desire, and you keep thinking that you just need more training in x,y,z…. 

Yet deep inside you know it is not about accruing more knowledge… 

You know it is about learning to embrace your uniqueness, to uncover and unleash your own superpower. 

And somehow this is terrifying... your ego-mind wanting to keep you small, safe, comfortable in the familiar... 

Are you sick of this never-ending dance that keeps you small and away from unleashing your true brilliance?


I BET you know THEM...

Those men and women that just seem to gracefully glide into any situation with ease. 

They work a room like magic, making each person they visit with light up with the glow of being in their presence. 

They take the stage elegantly and speaking eloquently. 

They are empowered and on fire. 

They comfortably wear their own style, accessorizing in their way, and showing up authentically.

Their laugh is contagious. 

Their smile...sublime.

They generate money while they sleep.

EVERYTHING they touch or try turns to gilded gold.

They shine with brilliance. 

Their ideas ignite powerful action.

They are highly impactful and influential.

Their solutions, message & services are sought after.

Their sales soar.

Do you know anyone like this?

Were they born with a better instruction book than we were? 

Do they belong to some secret society, which teaches popularity, attractiveness, assertiveness and grace?  

Do they have better karma, breeding, upbringing?  Did they start with more money, more talent, more education?  

Does that even matter?

Is it possible for YOU?


The Secret Superpower of Success

Have you ever witnessed one of those magnetic smiles…

the kind that spread across someone’s face to lead to turned up edges pointing straight up to twinkling eyes?

I have.  The smile was on a woman I greatly admire.  She is one of “the magic ones,” and every business she touches turns to gold.  

Her name is not actually Dani…but we will call her that.  (I’m not much of a name-dropper).

Dani grew up in a very small town, in the middle of America, on very flat farmland.  She was neither wealthy nor poor.  

She was educated in a regular ole public school, with regular friends, and, by her account “a very normal, average life.” 

Dani was neither abused nor revered at home, did not greatly excel at, nor struggle at school.  

She had chores, did homework, attended school dances and college football games. She had struggles, like we all do.  

Normal.  Average. 

After attending a state college, Dani moved to Chicago and began her corporate career in the sales department of a mid-size insurance company.  

She decidedly did not like her career choice…and began to wonder what was possible…

12 years later, Dani has created three multi-million dollar businesses and, although she is constantly sought after to teach business courses to entrepreneurs, 

she has retired fully from business to pursue her dream of playing the piano. 

How Did Dani Do It?

What was the SECRET to Dani moving from an average, normal life to an extraordinary one?  

Was it her looks, her charisma, some kind of extreme wunderkind, genius type of talent that comes around only a few times in a billion?

Or was it something more normal…more average…more ATTAINABLE?

Dani is a very beautiful woman; she is charismatic…but she is no genius.  What she found is something that we ALL have inside of us. 

Something any one of us can ACCESS AT ANY TIME. 


And if she can find it, and so many others have found it…


What is “Authentic Confidence?”

At the core of each one of us, is a longing for creating a real impact on our world.  

Our world may be our family, our business, our community, our church, our friends.  

Our world may be our country, our plant, our lifespan, our universe.  However we define it, the longing for creating impact, acting on purpose and leaving a legacy is a staple of the human condition. 

Another staple of the human condition: Our ego. 

It is our ego that both strives for legacy and that keeps us from attaining it.  Why? 

Because our ego FEARS its demise and wants to keep us very safe, on the winning side.  

And safe equals small, in the perfect dimension to fit nicely into our nicely labeled and categorized box where we take no risk and feel no fear. 

Authentic Confidence is confidence that allows us to let go of who we think we are supposed to be and embrace, develop, understand and truly love who we really are.

The SINGLE GREATEST SUPERPOWER we possess is AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE! Having the courage to act from our Heart and not allowing our Head to get in the way. 

The Power that allows us to feel confident on the impact that we are capable of having, EVEN when things are difficult, and the IGNITION that fuels our actions EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The Big Secret is not only that Authentic Confidence is a Superpower, but that WE ALL HAVE AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE WITHIN US.  

The SECRET is the ability to tap into our superpower consistently, day in and day out, and regardless of the circumstances of our lives. 

But how do we tap into that confidence? 

How can we once and for all silence our inner critic, our doubter, our fear?

That is precisely what I am here to show you…


My name is Dr. Elena EstanoI...I am an Intuitive Prosperity and Business Mentor and I have a lot of fancy accolades and experience, including 16 years as a Licensed Peak Performance Psychologist working with everyone from Olympic athletes to CEOs to Performers and Paid Speakers, helping them succeed and create greater impact, influence and income. 

Though my credentials, years of experience, and success stories do set me apart from most of the coaches in the market today…it is not the accolades or the letters behind my name that make me an expert.

Quite the opposite in fact…my expertise around authentic confidence comes directly from my own need to rise up and claim my inner strength and courage. 

In fact, it is not the education but my own journey to authentic confidence that is the #1 reason for my success as a psychologist, a teacher, a dancer, a coach, and a transformational leader.

Just like we all do, I have had my share of trials and tribulations.  

I survived a vicious eating disorder that nearly took my life, went through divorce, foreclosure, defeat, depression, a traumatic injury that left me disabled for almost 3 years, where I had to face my greatest fears, and failures before I became positively determined to find my dharma, or purpose, overcome my inner and outer doubters and critics, and delved into my search for my authentic confidence.

I have woven over 20 years of education and experience in helping myself first, and then helping thousands of clients, into a transformational course that is guaranteed to open new doors to knowing who you are and how powerful you can be.

Your gifts, your message and brilliance are sorely needed in our world! 

All the ego-based voices screaming in your head (I'm not good enough, not worthy enough, not capable enough, not courageous enough...) all of the excuses that FEAR loves to construct to keep you small, they can all take a back-seat when you CHOOSE  to fearlessly step into your AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE.  

LISTEN... If you think you will live forever, and there is always time tomorrow to do this thing, that your heart is beckoning you to do...THINK again!

Our cosmic alarms are going off and it is TIME for YOU to step into your brilliance, to claim your gifts, to stand proud and lead the way for the tribe that is waiting for you. 

You must shed the old stories, the lies, and the scripts you have been carrying around in order to fit in. In order to fall in line. In order to survive. 

YOU are reading this right here and right now, because you were guided to finally take ownership and empower yourself to discover and RECLAIM what is ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU.  

You are beautiful, brilliant, insightful, courageous and ever so strong! You have not given yourself permission to throw away the old scripts and WRITE your own Audacious STORY. 

 It is finally time for you to PUT yourself first and break through the blocks that are keeping you small, quiet, and average. 

Failure, disappointment and pain are part of life. Learning to embrace them as trusted counselors, and learn to show up for yourself, authentically, powerfully, and audaciously confident. 

Develop that strength, resilience and inner confidence that allows you to be in the presence of everyone and anyone; authentically, engaged and powerfully igniting and influencing others. 

My 1:1 clients have paid THOUSANDS for the powerful information contained in this curriculum, as I have only EVER taught it to my private clients...

But I know YOU need this information in order to do the powerful work that YOU are meant to do in this world! I don't want to see you holding back, grasping for excuses that only leave you feeling more deflated and demoralized than when you started.

I am inviting YOU to join me in this powerful course, from the comfort of your own home, and to take this courageous journey to discover a level of authenticity, belief, competence, confidence, ease and flow that you may not have realized was already inside of you... 

And you have it. Right now. It is waiting for you to awaken and ignite, for you to BECOME EVERYTHING and HAVE EVERYTHING you need for ultimate success and fulfillment in life. 

Uncover all that you are, and connect with the true, authentic confidence that has been worn away by years of good-natured naysayers, peer pressure, parental and school guidance, media and your own negative self-talk.



If you have read this far, then this information is resonating with you, whether in your subconscious mind or deep in your soul, you know this course is for you.

"It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, WHO AM I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  

Actually WHO are you NOT to be?"   

- Marianne Williamson

Why You?

  • You are ABSOLUTELY READY TO BREAK FREE from the old, repetitive stories that are holding you back and keeping you "safe"!
  • You are DETERMINED to KNOW and OWN YOUR VALUE and share it to create an impact!
  • You are COMMITTED to your personal growth and development, and to completing a program that will CREATE EASE & SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE!
  • You are MOTIVATED to express yourself more clearly, more powerfully and with a greater ability to influence your results!
  • You are DEDICATED to your own personal growth and development, and want to become a MASTER OF YOUR INNER GAME!
  • You UNDERSTAND that mastering the inner game, is the KEY to creating the OUTER RESULTS you desire in your business & your life!

Why this Course?

This course has three primary objectives: 

1. To teach you how to identify authentic confidence.

2.  IGNITE and ACTIVATE authentic confidence within you.

3. To provide you with the tools & strategies for you to enhance & develop amazing super-power so you can…

  • BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ARE - You will learn how to overcome your own limitation stories that keep you from your fearless growth mindset and true expansion of your innate power and talents.
  •  LEAD YOUR TRIBE - You will learn to create a mindset of mastery to be able to share your unique talents to lead your tribe and create impact in the world.
  • TRUST YOUR DECISIONS - You will create a high level of personal accountability and intuition, allowing you to perfect the art of confident decision-making.
  •  KNOW YOUR POWER - You will become in tune with your three most powerful strengths and build habits around continued learning and mastery of those strengths.
  • PERFORM AT A HIGHER LEVEL- Learn how to increase confidence through your preparation, your on-cue performances and evaluations of events, regardless of the outcome. 
  • FEEL EMPOWERED IN EVERY SITUATION - You will learn to stop comparing yourself to others in life.
  • ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS AND MORE MONEY - You will learn to increase your influence by exuding confidence, empowering yourself to tap into your authenticity to attract your ideal mentors, friends, and clients.
  • DELIVER YOUR POWERFUL MESSAGE TO THE WORLD - You will learn how to mentally and physically prepare for, facilitate, speak at, or lead an event with optimal confidence and follow-through…regardless of the outcome.

The Curriculum

After years of teaching these exact practices to my exclusive and high-paying one-on-one clients, and witnessing their incredible results, I knew it was time to create a program so anyone who was committed and ready to overcome their fears and establish their expertise and influence in the world could receive these powerful lessons.

This powerful program is an 12-part series of online videos and downloadable exercises guaranteed to squash your inner critic and give rise to a confidence that is authentically and forever yours. 

This is the best of both worlds: get quick and easy access, on you own time.   You do not have to travel to far destinations with costly hotel and air.  You can start and stop whenever you wish, as time allows. 

Here is what you will learn…


Session 1: Authentic Confidence:

Master your own unique competence-confidence loop to engage your fearless growth mindset and expand in all areas of your life.

DISCOVER THE FUNDAMENTAL STEPS you will need to take to awaken, ignite and unleash your authentic confidence from unconscious beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck. 

Learn how to set intentions and goals from a place of abundance, and the steps necessary to make them happen. 

Session 2: Confidence Myths:

Learn the truth about the common myths and lies we tell ourselves about what confidence is and is not.

Release the Myths that are keeping you stuck playing small. Release the internalized voices that keep squashing and stealing your dreams and unleash the power within yourself. 

Session 3: Impact of Comparisons:

Learn how to immediately identify patterns of comparison and stop comparing your "insides" to others’ "outsides" once and for all.

Is comparing yourself really helping you? Recognize the role of comparisons in your life, how they are blocking you from unleashing your brilliance and bid  them goodbye!


Sessions 4 & 5: Personal Accountability:

Overcome your conscious and unconscious beliefs about your abilities, your life and your innate power to create the success you desire. 

Activate your inner power and let go of the excuses that are keeping you small.

Recognize & Release Your VICTIM stories that are keeping you small and disempowered. 
Learn the levels of accountability and how you can move through each of them!

Session 6: Importance of Consistency:

There is NO Success, without ACTION. Courageous action. 

Have the support, encouragement & challenge yourself to take the courageous action. 


Practice new patterns and build consistency in your daily actions to develop mastery in your skills, messages, and the authentic talents that are yours to share in the world.

Session 7: Transforming Your Fears:

Identify your fears. Embrace and transform your fears, re-wire your brain, re-write the stories and take courageous action. Become bold and fearless in pursuit of your passions!

Learn to harness the power of your fears and how they block you from unleashing your brilliance.
Release the paralyzing grip of fear and re-wire it to help you manifest and create the business and life that you desire! Interrupt old patterns that unconsciously are keeping you in struggle, stress & overwhelm.


BONUS # 1:


Learn and understand the most effective and efficient way to deal with disappointments and learn to become more resilient and bounce back stronger. 

BONUS # 2:


Learn the top 10 Key mindsets that successful people have adopted in their lives. These include Olympic athletes, CEO's, powerful speakers, well-known performers and successful students. (Short Video Training).

BONUS # 3:


Gain access to Dr. Estanol's MOST requested meditations and visualizations including: 

  • Intention Meditation
  • Authentic Confidence
  • Transforming your Fears
  • Relaxing Ocean Meditation



Gain access to a powerful 4-part video course in which you are guided step-by-step on how you can create your "authentic marketing message", and share your Luminous Story to create more connection, more impact and more trust in all you do. So you can attract your ideal clients, find your tribe and create a deep impact while being more authentically you! Whether you already own a business or not, or whether you simply want to know how to talk about what is your BIG WHY, this course can make a meaningful difference.

(Given it is CONFIDENCE we are talking about, Testimonials were given in a confidential manner.)
"I am a completely different person than I was when I first started. In a steady but gradual manner my thoughts, my actions and how I am being, and reacting has completely changed! I am more confident and more engaged in my life and the people in it. I am a NEW person, Thank you!!”
 – KC, Administrator & Health Professional.
“I just landed an amazing Speaking gig! It’s exhilarating to see how when I show up fully, with confidence and authentically myself, people are drawn to me, and more of what I want keeps materializing in my life! This program has changed the way I think about myself, situations, and most importantly how I show up in life!”- 
LB, Author, Speaker & Media Specialist.  
"My life has just completely flipped from being miserable for a while to being joyous. Mostly I have somehow been extremely effective at separating from the Ego. All the internalized voices of society, family, external judgement, etc., that tell me I am wrong and want to punish me. I am not them anymore. I am me. Which is different, and now, who is free. I hear those voices and feel those feelings and I thank them for their input and then tell them to scram-doodle. And when they know that I have the authority, they do. It's pretty cool. Ah, life is glorious."- 
C, Writer, Singer & Radio Personality.
What is it Worth to YOU to Achieve Unstoppable Authentic Confidence & Claim Your Power?
I am not going to tell you what to do.

You are the only one that can answer the question. 
You are the only one that knows the deep pain, the feelings of insecurity or the frustrations you experience when you hold yourself back.

Yet it may be worthwhile for you to consider, how much money have you lost for every opportunity you have not taken? 
How many millions have you NOT made, because you were unwilling to take a risk and take a chance? 
How many lives have you NOT changed, because you couldn't take a stand for someone's transformation in the face of their fear? 
What would you be capable of creating?
 What impact could you have, and how much money could you make, IF you were able to fully trust yourself and have Authentic Confidence? 

I have been where you are, and I can't recognize myself today. It is possible. 
It is inside of you. 
And this may be the LAST time that you may agonize over a "decision", because after this course, you will be CONFIDENT,
 decision-making will be a breeze and YOU WILL TRUST your intuitive sense of what is right for you!

Part of the commitment to confidence requires taking decisive action on what you want your life to be, to dare to live your dreams, to be bold and true to what you know you need to be your best.

If you are ready to recover your full authentic confidence and learn to tap into the fullness of your powerful authentic self and become one of "Them”. Claim your space right away.

Because I am driven want to share this program with all of you who are passionate and committed to getting the results and the life they desire and deserve, I have created a truly irresistible offer for those who take action right away! 

For only $997 you will receive 6-months of group-coaching & LIFETIME ACCESS to my 12-part Online Program “Authentic Confidence - Embracing the Brilliance of You”, plus all of the Bonuses.

  It’s all Here!  

  • 8 videos where I share the precise tools I use with my highest paying one-on-one Peak Performance Clients.
  •  Powerful exercises to accompany and reinforce each lesson, that you can download and use over and over again.
  • My very own summary notes for each video to serve as succinct reminders of your new skills.
  • And the BEST PART is that you can participate at your leisure, at your own pace, and on your own time.
  • This course has a value of at least $4,997.

When we invest in a course, we not only receive the value of the course, we actually receive the thousands of dollars the teacher has invested in their education (17 years of higher ed), and at least 100K in additional training for me.  You also benefit from the countless hours I have spent educating myself on performance psychology, human potentials, kinesiology, physiology, positive psychology, energy psychology and 16 years of working with clients on combatting negativity and rebuilding confidence…

When I think of the jaw-dropping changes that can happen in your life and business implementing these techniques…I think even $4,000 may be low. 

My private clients have paid around $6000 to receive access to this material. And you will only pay a fraction of this!

But only for a limited time.


 I KNOW you can be the powerful, persuasive leader you are meant to be, and I AM PASSIONATE about helping you create the greatest impact through your business and your message…

If you are still here…this resonates with you at some level...

You are READY to be more fully you, attract what you are seeking fearlessly, and walk into any room as if you own it…Now is the time!


You really have so much to gain…for NO RISK!  That’s right, not only are we giving you the full Authentic Confidence Program with Expert Notes and Life Changing Exercises ($1997 value) AND a SLEW of bonuses ($897 value) for ONLY $997!!!  This program is guaranteed to enrich your life and unleash your authentic confidence, yet it will take you integrating the information, doing the exercises and continuing to practice.  

 If after completing all the exercises, and implementing the tools, you feel the program is not for you, just let us know and we will get on the phone with you to see how we can assist you in transforming your confidence and life. Once you submit your completed worksheets and exercises, we will promptly get  on the phone and help you address where the disconnect may be. 

If you have questions about the program, please call us at (970) 692-4253 and we will answer your questions so you can make the best decision for you. Once you commit to the program, no refunds will be issued. 

single pay
Save $ 191
  • Video Trainings
  • Handouts & Worksheets
  • Powerful Exercises
  • Bonus Trainings
  • Meditations & Visualizations
  • Exclusive Powerful Interviews
payment plan
4 monthly payments
  • Video Trainings
  • Handouts & Worksheets
  • Powerful Exercises
  • Bonus Trainings
  • Meditations & Visualizations
  • Exclusive Powerful Interviews


Because I firmly believe in running a conscious business that creates a TRIPLE MAGNIFIER, meaning that it creates a WIN/WIN relationship for everyone: My clients, my business & the world!

YOU can feel amazing about investing in yourself, because for every registration we receive, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to the "LIFE FOUNDATION", an organization devoted to saving children from the horrors of Human Trafficking. 

So, as you invest to grow your confidence, to tap into your brilliance and increase your personal power, YOU will also be contributing to rescuing a child from human trafficking and making our world a better place.

Remember…this is not for everyone.  If you are on the fence, it very well may not
be for you.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not interested in expanding your authentic confidence at this time.
  • You are content to disappear into the crowd.
  • You’re mind wants to improve but your heart isn’t in it.
  • You do not have time to do the work to make a lasting difference.
  • You don’t learn from video and experiential activities.
  • You need far more supervision than a self paced program.
  • You cannot comfortably afford the program.
  • You do not believe in the ability to change your mindset and rewire your brain.

This is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You are READY to release the insecurities that keep you small.
  • You believe in your unique value and are committed to breaking down any barrier to success.
  • You are DONE hiding behind the masks of who you believe others want you to be.
  • You are absolutely ready to be seen as the authentic leader, teacher, performer, speaker that you are.
  • You are COMMITTED to uncovering your authentic brilliance, and silencing your negative self-talk once and for all.
  • You are focused on attracting more clients and customers to your business and your message.
  • You VALUE your time and the gift of accessing lessons on your time, PLUS the support of a mentor & community!
  • You are totally DONE stalling, committed to taking ownership…and ready to take ACTION!

If this is you…your time is NOW!



This course, content, coaching or implementation sessions ARE NOT and should NOT in ANY way be construed to be therapy, medical advice, or replace the services of a physician, psychologist or therapist. Group are calls conducted in a virtual platform. 

Ignite Your Authentic Confidence & 
Become Unstoppable!

Still unsure? Take a moment to think about what’s stopping you? Is it the fear of breaking the status quo? Or maybe you don’t think it’s possible to turn things around? 

Do you want allow this fear to keep you small? I encourage you to tune in, and if you know this is something you need to overcome, if you know you are destined for something greater,  then take a leap forward, because nothing will change until YOU make the decision and take action!

I'll see you on the other side.

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